Light on Mt. Lassen

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! ~John Muir


Living in Shasta County, Mt. Lassen has been a daily view of mine for over three decades. For the past 11 years, I've been lucky to have it feel 'up close and personal' from our abode in the middle of a ranch. This photo is what I witnessed last night as the sun was lowering behind me. The light on the north end of the range was golden, unique, and certainly not a daily event. The calendar indicated it was going to be a full moon night and I wondered if that's what was creating the magical light. I thought maybe the moon was going to rise then and there even though logic told me it was too early.

This golden light brought me back to the Milford Track I hiked with a childhood friend when we were backpacking in New Zealand in the early 80's. Staying in a hut on the trail the first night, a few of us were on the porch 'talking story' when this 'fire light' started to appear from behind the tall peaks that felt an arm's length away. No one stopped talking but I stopped listening and wondered how we'd evacuate quickly. Freaked, I was. THEN, the moon began to crest. And I watched in awe while it rose fully. To this day, it's the most amazing full moon I've ever seen. I'm sure the fear I might die but then lived has a bit to do with that. HA!

Back to now. The full moon - called Pashal or Easter Moon - didn't come up until well after the 'light on Lassen' had faded. A friend and I have a mad-keen-interest in the full moon and try to photograph it together when we can. If you pay attention to the full moon in your area, how often do you actually see it rise over the horizon? It always feels like coup to do so. And I'm always curious to see how far north or south of center it comes up. Lassen Peak has been my moon-center for 11 years.

My husband and I will begin traveling the end of May / early June after he retires from his 'economic development' job at Shasta EDC. It's in our nature to seek adventures in life and go to places a little out of the way and get closer to the nooks, crannies, and people in those places. We know we're headed North and will punt from there. A year. Maybe two years. OR, maybe we'll find out it's not for us. But hey! We invested in the coach and we're going. And I'll be way more excited once we've closed on the house and figure out what do to with 33 years of accumulated stuff. This will be achieved by mid-May, best we can tell. 

While I love to write and photograph, putting the two together for a blog that has any interest at all (everyone has a blog, after all) is a little daunting but something I hope to accomplish. We have purchased a Class A motorhome (I'm way more knowledgeable about 5th wheels, Class C and Class A motorhomes now than I ever cared to be just a year ago) and this BabyBoomer plans to write some tales from the beaten and unbeaten path. 

Life's an adventure. Or, at least, it should be. We don't want to stay home and be comfortable with all those wonderful things we've accumulated. It's time to unload a lot of it and simplify. That year in New Zealand was so great as I knew what I owned. It was in my backpack or stored in a little apartment in Minneapolis. What a sense of freedom. Kids are grown and we're simplifying. Can't wait! I hope you'll tag along. Find me here, FB,  and Instagram.  Thanks! ~Mary