Falling in Love - Again - with Maine

It was August, 1977 when I first visited Maine with a college pal of mine. We drove from Minnesota via Quebec in an old-Plymouth something-or-other she'd just purchased. It was the kind of trip you never forget. The sights, smells, conversations, laughs, experiences. And the old car that didn't waiver! Life was simple and straightforward.

Maine is notorious for schooners. Here are 3 in Camden's harbor. | Photo by Mary Lascelles

Maine left a lasting impression on me from the get-go. I returned to visit the next few summers. It became the place I thought I would live when "I grew up."  Funny how life happens. I went on a backpacking trip to New Zealand with a great childhood pal and ended up getting married while there -- to a Kiwi I'd met in Minneapolis a few years prior. 

Returning to the States, ZeKiwi and I landed in California. It's where we worked and raised our sons. It was easier for us to visit family in New Zealand and vice versa. Traveling to NZ from Maine would have been really tough. Still. It's not a place you forget.

Maine for a Month!!!

ZeKiwi and I are now on a trip of a lifetime. Actually, we're simply living in our home on wheels and taking it with us where we want to explore. How grand is it that it's afforded us AN ENTIRE MONTH in the great state of Maine when the colors will be turning. AUTUMN!

We're retired! And we don't have to be any particular place on Monday mornings. What? Really? Seriously? It's still hard to grasp we aren't physically tied to a zip code but we're working hard at getting use to it. :-)

Rockport Marine | Rockport, ME | Photo by Mary Lascelles

Maine Rocks for Many Reasons. These are some.

DownEast accent
Craggy coastline
Lobster boats
L.L. Bean
Lobster Rolls
Forests - mostcommon: maple, beech, yellow birch, spruce, fir
Acadia National Park
Tidal rivers
Tall church steeples
Great small town main streets
No nonsense people
Prominent smells: ocean / pine trees
Outdoor activities: hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, fishing
Autumn colors

Maine Conversations

  • We met up with a flounder fisherman yesterday who was in port for a day to unload his catch, do his 3 hours of paperwork, get some rest before going out to fish some more. The industry has changed a lot during the 40 years he's been at it -- along with weather patterns. 
  • Sitting in Port Clyde at The Dip Restaurant yesterday (owned by Linda Bean of LL Bean), we struck up a conversation with a couple from Pennsylvania who have spent summers on the midcoast of Maine for years. Turns out we had a bit in common. They met in Minneapolis (as did we) and their daughter went to school in Wellington, NZ where ZeKiwi and I got married. Conversation flowed. Looking forward to seeing them again before we depart.
  • While waiting at a dock for ZeKiwi to return from kayaking today (after I got done with getting my hair cut / woven for the first time since we left months ago!!), I met a flute maker from Boston. I'm not sure I'd ever met one before. He's retired to the midcoast to live on a tidal river and build what sounds to be an interesting sort of small home which we're very interested in these days. We worked too hard to downsize for this trip and hope that's the last time we ever have to do that again! :-)

Maine Photo Album on FB

I'll be adding to a MAINE ALBUM on BoomerEye (on Facebook) adding images as we go over the next few weeks. Hope you'll check them out. It was 39 years ago I first visited Maine. The candle is still burning for this place...