I’m Mary Lascelles - an American BabyBoomer who loves photography and dabbling in writing. In October 2014, it seemed like there was no denying it was time to get my photo-journal on! I'm always pursuing a good shot daily. If I'm serious about this at all, I knew I had to think up a name for a Facebook page and website and myself! "Boomer" points to my generation -- an estimated 76 million of us were born between 1946 and 1964 -- and "eye" refers to my Nikon that travels with me everywhere-everyday. What do I know more about than cruising through life as a BabyBoomer? 

BoomerEye. Say it 5 times real fast. Rolls right off your tongue, right?

Two Hats: BoomerEye and ReloMary

These days, I am wearing two hats. I am still ReloMary (my handle since 2003) assisting people I know or people who are referred by people I know. That role is all about the careful selection of the right Realtor anywhere in the country for folks buying or selling a home. If you or someone you know could use that kind of assist, contact me. This is a great service for those who don't want to attempt that search. 

BoomerEye Photo-Journaling as She Goes

On purpose, there is no set agenda with my photography and writing. Art can't be forced, after all! :-) 

Traveling with my camera, as I do, I never know what will catch my eye in any 24 hour period. Most of my favorite shots are totally unplanned. They are candid but with an effort to frame the subject and catch the light just right.

Feedback is so great to get as it helps me grow. Sometimes the audience favorite surprises me. That's fun stuff!  As anyone who is into photography knows, there are a lot of JPG's that go in the dust bin. When you get a prize-of-a-photograph, oh what a day!

Full Moon Rising, Jaffa Girl, Flying D Dog, Breaktime in Gangtok, Redding Raindrops...

Favorite photos. There are so many because I was there! Full Moon Rising, Jaffa Girl, Flying D Dog, Breaktime in Gangtok, and Redding Raindrops are the names of a few. 

I enjoy working with folks to create custom photo-greeting-cards (blank on the inside) as well as enlarging images in different formats. It's fun to see how enlarged images look on fine archival paper, canvas or metal. 

My First Photo Gallery is at RDD (May 2015 to January 2016)

It feels a distinct honor to be the 2nd artist in at the newly remodeled municipal airport in Redding, CA. (RDD)

I graduated Leadership Redding in May of 2014. With greater awareness of different aspects of our community, there is none more important than our economy.  For that reason, I chose to select "Eye on Industry"as the theme.

For all who fly in or out of Redding or dine at Peter Chu’s, I invite you to take a moment to find all 14 pieces in the “Eye on Industry” gallery in the lobby. I’d love to know if any surprised you and which one was your favorite.

While these images on the wall are not for sale, I can certainly order any one of them for you so you can have your own. I was shocked and delighted I had an order the first day!

So come on by to check out the gallery if you're in the neighborhood. You might learn something awesome about Redding, CA you don't already know. I'm thinking you will. 


Mary Lascelles / BoomerEye